Billing section is the client’s responsibility, ads are to be kept stable with sufficient ad balance for efficient results. Non-maintaining of ad balance make you ineligible for any refund claims.


We make commitments of 4X ROI based on our personal and clients experience/feedback. In case you receive ROI less than 2x you are eligible for the complete service amount refund. No questions asked!

Calculating the ROI on average of 3 months is suggested/advised. Doing certain ROI calculations on a monthly basis will lead to chaos as ads take their own time to get stable. Keeping in mind, Ads response will be less in the first month going in a positive direction by the third month.

Our service charges are not to be included in calculating return on ad spend.

Request Refund

If return on ad spend is less then 2x or 200% we will initiate the complete refund. To initiate a refund request you will be required to send an email to  along with bank details to begin the refund process. Refunds are normally processed within 3-5 working days.

We will delete all the ads crafted by our team, assuming they are not fruitful for you as you have demanded for refund, before initiating the refund process.